GB Design is an architectural and Civil Engineering firm.

We specialize in the study, design, and general construction management for all types of buildings. Our expertise encompasses every aspect of a project from architecture to civil engineering, building, electrical and plumbing contracting and maintenance.

GB Design consists of a network of highly responsive experts capable of delivering innovative solutions to clients and partners for the design and construction of buildings and infrastructures.

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  • Architectural design and study.
  • General construction study and implementation in the commercial, private, and public sectors.
  • Site management in the construction of small commercial buildings as well as low rise constructions, residential constructions, industrial as well as commercials hubs.


GB Design designs, builds, renovates and restores all types of buildings from residential to commercial. Our mission is to offer a quality service to our clients by studying, conceiving, on site managing in general construction in an optimal way, by completing all its projects in time and with quality. GB Design is able to fulfill this mission thanks to a team eager to conform to quality standards and whose skills are adapted to functional and technical requirements of a market that is becoming more demanding.

Human Resources

In an environment where the stakes are high, GB Design capitalizes on a team of professionals that are amongst the most competent and experienced in their fields.

In addition, the company has built strong alliances and relationships with consultants locally and internationally, which enables it to handle large-scale projects as well.

GB Team

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  • Gérard Berret Jr, Architect / Partner

    After graduating in architecture from Quisqeya University (Port-au- Prince, Haiti) in 1999, Gérard Berret took a master at The Nationale Pedro Henriquez Urena University in Santo Domingo, DR.

    He joined AAU (Atelier d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme), a consortium of architects and engineers . He still collaborates with Gaylor Esper as construction manager and contractor. in 2000, he formed GB design. He has been CEO and president of the company since its inception.

    He has been part of various presidential commissions on urbanism infrastructures.

  • Alexandra Sabbat, Architect, On-Site Manager / Partner

    After graduating High School, Alexandra Sabbat founded and still manages with her family Freshè Lokal, a drinking water plant with a distribution system of 60 stainless trucks of 1200 gal capacity/each.

    Following her interest in architecture, she studied architecture at Quisqueya University.

    She collaborated as an architect and project manager with various construction firms before joining GB Design as a partner in 2007. She is today the On-site project manager for all GB Design projects.

  • Erick Dorvilus, Architect, Technical Director / Partner

    After graduating in 1996 from GOC, Eric Dorvilus worked for various, architectural studios, conceiving, designing and supervising many projects. He is today a partner of GB Design in charge of the junior architects team. He is also a technical manager supervising all projects.

  • Rocher Annoual, Civil Engineer and Technical Director

    Mr Annoual is an experimented engineer responsible for taking complex projects in our organization to term.

  • Eric Lamothe, Electrical and Plumbing Engineer

    Engineer Lamothe is an experimented engineer responsible for all electricity and plumbing plans and implementation. He heads our very skilled team of electricians and plumbers and coordinates projects with outside contractors.

  • Axel Pilorge, Public Relations / Consultant

    Mr. Pilorge has worked in various field in the construction. His knowledge and experience is a valuable asset to GB Design S.A.

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